Chinese Classes

Fundarin Chinese offers Chinese classes from absolute beginners to advanced, so you can learn no matter your skill level. Each level takes around fifteen to twenty hours to complete. Bring a friend and you each get a discount!

Mandarin Level 1

If you don’t know any Chinese, this is the place to start! Our Level 1 program is for absolute beginners, and you will get started with the basics of Chinese, like saying hello, count in Chinese, introduce yourself, and more. This will give you a basic understanding of Chinese, and learn the fundamentals of pronunciation.

Mandarin Level 2

Continuing on from Level 1, you will learn how to hold basic conversations in Chinese, such as ordering food, going shopping, and more. After completing this level, you will be primed for travelling in China!

Mandarin Level 3

Continuing on from Level 2, you will learn how to create more complex sentences in Chinese and increasing your vocabulary. After completing this level, you will increase your daily conversational skills.

Mandarin Level 4

Continuing on from Level 3, you will develop your social language skills. You will be able to talk about your work, your experiences, your opinions, and more.

Tailored lessons

We also tailor Chinese lessons for advanced learners, such as listening, speaking, reading, or writing, depending on your needs.