About Fundarin Chinese

Fundarin Chinese is the brainchild of Aria Yang.

Fundarin Chinese᾿s custom learning system teaches Chinese with a strong focus on practicality, doing away with the traditional obligatory endless hours studying the pīnyīn system. Here at Fundarin Chinese, we believe that learning should be fun! So we spread out learning the boring parts, in the style of Leitner’s system of spaced repetition, to make learning Chinese not only more interesting, but also more able to be retained in your long-term memory.

Aria Yang, Founder

Aria Yang

Aria Yang was born in Jiangsu Province, China. Ever since her childhood, she dreamt of being a teacher. In China, teachers are a revered profession: they explain the complexities of the world. They teach children how to work through those complexities. They inspire them to do better, to be better, to be great.

After studying her Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) at Nanjing Shifan University, she went on to study her Master’s Degree in TCSL at Beijing Shifan University.

She has spent years teaching Chinese to foreigners, both in China and Australia, and her passion and dedication for teaching has only grown. She has worked with organisations such as North Carolina State University, the University of Western Australia, the Victorian Education Department in Australia, the Confucius Institute, and many more. She has pored over countless textbooks, noticed their strong and weak points, and kept a track of everything. After gathering all this data, Aria decided to write her own curriculum, and teach students with her own system. And so Fundarin Chinese was born.