Analyse this

We have a little bit of news to tell you today, and what better way to tell you than by getting you to learn some Chinese? So have a read of this:

我们五月回中国度假! (wǒmen wǔ yuè huí Zhōngguó dùjià!) *

Let’s break it down:

们五月回中国度假! (men wǔ yuè huí Zhōngguó dùjià!)

我 (wǒ) means “I.” So far so good.

五月回中国度假! (wǒmen wǔ yuè huí Zhōngguó dùjià!)

们 (men) is a suffix for pronouns like 我、他、你 etc. (wǒ [I], tā [he], nǐ [you]) to turn it into a plural: so 我们、他们、你们 means: we, they, you (plural, which could be like “you guys.”)

我们月回中国度假! (wǒmen yuè huí Zhōngguó dùjià!)

五 (wǔ) means “five,” I hope you remember this from the Numbers lesson! 😛

我们五回中国度假! (wǒmen wǔ yuè huí Zhōngguó dùjià!)

月 (yuè) means moon, which you will already know from the Memory Centre lesson on 月 ^_^ Combined with a number from 一 (yī [1]) to 十二 (shí èr [12]) will turn it into one of the months, the fifth month being May!

One more thing to note: In Chinese, time words (like 五月 [wǔ yuè]) can go before or after the Subject (in our sentence, the subject is 我们 [wǒmen].) This means, the sentence is just as perfectly valid if it is in the order: 五月我们回中国度假!(wǔ yuè wǒmen huí Zhōngguó dùjià!)

我们五月中国度假! (wǒmen wǔ yuè huí Zhōngguó dùjià!)

回 (huí) is a verb, meaning to return.

我们五月回中国度假! (wǒmen wǔ yuè huí Zhōngguó dùjià!)

Way, way back, Chinese people thought that China was the center of the world. That’s why the characters for China are 中 (zhōng) meaning “middle” and 国 (guó) meaning “country.”

我们五月回中国度假! (wǒmen wǔ yuè huí Zhōngguó dùjià!)

Ahh, the last little bit. 度假 (dùjià) 度 (dù) is a verb that means to spend. 假 (jià) when pronounced in the fourth tone (Do you need Monkey to help you revise your tones?) means vacation. Together, it means to have a holiday!

All done! So, we hope you learnt a lot, and if you want to ask us a question about this, please let us know in the comments and we will do our best to explain 🙂

* Actually, we’ll also 去英国和欧洲!Yay!

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